1 Timothy 5: 17-18 and Numbers 9: 17-23

Elders who do their work should be respected and well paid; especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching.

Whatever the cloud lifted from above the tent the Israelites set out; wherever the cloud settled the Israelites encamped…….

Tell your neighbor make room; tell your neighbor your next move is not up to you.

We celebrate our Pastor and Leader and Under Shepherd of the congregation. We thank God. Leaders are worthy of double honor. In the Word, honor is described as value or time or price. Time is money. Those who teach and lead and instruct are worthy of double honor.

Moses carried out God's commands; God was the one leading the people. There is a supervisor, but there also is a supervisor that the supervisor answers to. The leader is submitted and serves and seeks God for direction.

The Bible teaches us that Pastors receives respect and honor for their role as leader and their role as Under Shepherd and their representation of Christ.

Pray for your progress and persistence to be pushed higher.

Why we realize that the position of Pastor is just not a fly-by-night position; why we have to understand that God has a word for us even as we move forward. That word is "Make Room for More." God says make room for more because what I did was great, but what I am about to do is going to blow your mind.

Make room for your next destination; follow the cloud.

We make room for an overflowing deposit from God. Learn and trust God.

God said I will walk you to the Promise Land; I will take you to your Promise; I will take you to your end; I will be with you in your storm and trouble.

Watch the cloud. Watch what God is going to do.

Do you love God. Do you trust God. Do you know the best is yet to come.

Keep your eye on the cloud and make room for more! 

Pastor Jimmy Terry